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Adobe Illustrator

This poster was created using Adobe Illustrator and MAPublisher. It was created to display the locations of farms in Ottawa that sell their goods at the Ottawa Farmer's Market. The symbology was created by me using Illustrator, the market's symbol was inspired by the logo used by the Ottawa Farmer's Market. I highly enjoy the ability to customize and create customer maps using Adobe Illustrator and MAPublisher in ways that are not possible using other mapping softwares.

ArcGIS Online

This is an ESRI Crowd Source Story Map that I customized and hosted using a service called Surge.sh. While it was intended to be hosted on my server using AWS, this was not possible due to ESRI requiring an SSL certificate for this type of map. The map is to help identify turtle habitat to allow conservation authorities to focus their efforts on areas where turtles are being injured or killed by cars. During my time studying at Fleming College I discovered a love of web programming and design, I have coded multiple websites from scratch including this one. I look forward to creating more web maps and apps in the future as they are an amazing interface to gather and display dynamic data. *Please note due to limit access to ArcGIS Online post graduation, the app is unavailable currently.*

ArcGIS Pro

I used ArcGIS Pro to create a multi-criteria map of Toronto to determine which wards are in the most need of low income housing. I collected data for 6 different criteria from the number of seniors living alone to local employment opportunities to create an in-depth analysis of the issue. I have enjoyed learning the new Pro software as the interface is more modern than the previous ArcMap and it comes equipt with increased functionality.